The Pain Fix Protocol Review | An Honest Review From a Customer

Taking a deeper look at the program to treat pain from the comfort of your own home (no surgeries, prescriptions, or doctors needed)


The Pain Fix Protocol is a program created by Dr. Yoni Whitten to overcome pain from the comfort of your own home. It’s been on the market for quite a while and has a wealth of testimonials to back its success. 

The PFP (Pain Fix Protocol)’s mission is to allow people to get back to their normal lives, without chronic or acute pain. The Protocol is built on an evidence-based, clinically proven program, paced over the course of 8 weeks.

The basis of The PFP is science-backed strategies that are easy to incorporate, allowing anyone experiencing chronic pain to vastly improve their lives without resorting to doctors visits, pain meds, or invasive surgery. 

This emphasis on avoiding quick fixes (pain killers, muscle relaxants, and so on) is a big reason why this program is so attractive. It puts you in control over your pain recovery and includes long-term strategies and care—instead of bandaids that can not only hinder recovery, but make pain worse in the long run. 

So who is Dr. Yoni Whitten, you may ask? 

An expert on movement, Whitten is a life-long athlete that specializes in the permanent resolution of chronic pain. Credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (the study of movement) with specializations in nutrition and health, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He’s also successfully been treating patients for nearly 2 decades. 

Using his education, extensive research, and wealth of experience over nearly 2 decades, Whitten created The Pain Fix Protocol. 

The PFP blends the latest in scientific research with essential concepts from the fields of natural movement, evolutionary health, nutrition, spinal hygiene, self-care and human performance. 

The Protocol’s approach goes beyond simply “treating” pain—instead, this 360 approach is meant to treat the whole person so they can truly take back their life (because, as we know, being in chronic pain is all-consuming).


Anyone who’s experienced acute or chronic pain understands the way it will permeate through every area of your life. Suddenly, things like picking up your kids, working at your desk, and even just trying to sleep through the night become impossible to do. 

It doesn’t really matter if it’s an annoying strain in your neck that keeps manifesting time and time again, or chronic sciatica that radiates throughout your entire lower body… pain is pain, and size and scope are completely relative.

In that regard, The Pain Fix Protocol is for everyone and anyone who is experiencing (or has a loved one experiencing) pain.

This includes mid back pain, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, hand pain, knee pain, foot pain, chronic headaches, repetitive motion injury, and more. 

The PFP is also for anyone who has either already tried or is looking to avoid the typical western “bandaids”: NSAIDs, drugs, opiates, or invasive surgery. After all, not only are these treatments often temporary, but they can also be incredibly expensive, traumatizing, and can often leave the afflicted with unwanted side effects or new aches and pains.


Pain Fix Protocol Review - Course Content

Within the 8-week course, The Pain Fix Protocol covers the following subjects at length:

  • What pain really signals

  • The evolutionary rationale behind the purpose of pain

  • Understanding the language of pain (your body’s way of speaking to you)

  • The critical distinction between acute and chronic pain

  • The Structural/Functional Continuum (life cycle)

  • How to establish clearly-defined standards for both structure and function (once you do this, the odds of being in pain drop significantly)

  • The root causes of the majority of the chronic pain associated with modern living

  • Strategies for overcoming common obstacles that stand in the way of being pain-free

  • Structural problems, joint mobility issues, muscle imbalances, lifestyle issues

The principle behind The Pain Fix Protocol is this: once you identify the root causes of pain, you can create an effective and efficient solution. 

The purpose of this Protocol is to avoid wasting time with downstream issues. Instead, the upstream issues and enjoy the certainty of knowing the downstream issues will take care of themselves.

The content within The Pain Fix Protocol is broken down into the following modules:

  • The PFP Master Class

  • The PFP Solutions Series

  • The PFP Daily Movement Protocols

  • The PFP Progress Tracker

  • The PFP Video Tutorial Series

  • Maximize Sleep to Eliminate Pain

  • Plus the Following 2 Bonuses

    • Ari Whitten’s Light Therapy to Reduce Pain

    • Mark Waldman’s Mindfulness & Pain Reduction 

Each module contains a long format video and downloadable notes to go along with it.



First of all, I am an actual customer that purchased this course, not someone that was given a review copy to put this together.

I’ve gone through the content personally to help myself and found the info, movements, stretches, assessments etc. to be incredibly valuable.

The backend of the program is broken up into the main Course Content (introduction + modules 1-7), a Quick Screens & Solutions Series, and the Bonus Sections.  

The Quick Screens & Solutions Series is a section that focuses on specific areas of the body to zero in on pain relief and management. This section includes solutions for:

  • Neck Fix

  • Shoulder Fix

  • Mid Back Fix

  • Hand Fix Protocol

  • Low Back Fix – Compensatory Pattern

  • Low Back Fix – Posture Prolapse Pattern 

  • Hip Fix Protocol

  • Knee Fix – Basic

  • Foot Fix


Pain Fix Protocol Review - Quick Screens and Solutions Section

Each section includes a primary video, a PDF progress tracker (to track symptoms, structure, and function over the course of 12 weeks), an alignment check video, and daily movement videos spaced out over the course of the recovery period.

Each section also includes a downloadable PDF to track the daily movement protocol. To target specific areas of recovery for the body, this Series section is fantastic. It’s thorough and helps to guide you into proper alignment, to activate the appropriate muscle groups, and address the pain you’re experiencing in that area. 

What I really enjoyed about this section is the ability to give a specific area of the body TLC when needed. We’ve all had periods of certain specific issues rising up—neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and so on—and often we end up throwing everything we can at the problem, hoping something will stick.

Something I’ve had to learn the hard way over the years is that we often perform quick fixes that make the problem worse, or don’t actually address the root of the issue.

This is a common theme that we keep returning to in The Pain Fix Protocol: actually getting to the root cause of the pain. For that alone, I think this Protocol is worth it.


So how much does The Pain Fix Protocol cost? $499. While this may seem like a lot of money to some (and yes, it is an investment), as with everything, the price needs to be put into context.

How much are recurring visits to the chiropractor? How much do prescriptions, X-rays, and surgery cost? What about the laundry list of supplements, tools, and other things you’ve tried (or have been on the verge of purchasing), desperate to fix your pain?

If you’re like most people seeking answers to say goodbye to chronic pain once and for all, then the cost of The PFP is relatively small. It also needs to be looked at as an investment in your health, and your happiness. Because as anyone with chronic pain knows… it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything but your pain when it’s present. 

Just ask yourself: How much is one night of quality sleep worth for you? No more tossing and turning or waking up with the pain radiating from the same spot time and time again? 

Same with being present with friends, family, your kids… How much is that worth? In comparison, the cost of this program is worth it in my opinion. 

For reputable chiropractors, this is comparable to the cost of the initial visit alone. And for most chronic pain treatment pain plans, this is negligible. In fact, the average cost of a treatment plan lands somewhere around $4,000. 

One of the things I love about The Pain Fix Protocol is that it helps stop chronic pain—and to keep it from coming back. Many “treatments”, prescriptions, and procedures are bandaids. They’re temporary. NSAIDs may help you for a short period of time. But inevitably, if you’re not actually treating the root causes of your pain, it will always return.

In that regard, $499 is nothing. 

The PFP also comes with 2 bonuses: 

  1. Ari Whitten’s Light Therapy: How to use the power of light to reduce and eliminate pain.

  2.  Mark Waldman’s Mindfulness & Pain Reduction: The science & strategies for tapping into the power of mindfulness as a means of reducing pain.

Whitten and Waldman are experts in their own fields, so these bonuses are a nice touch to round out The PFP program. For everything, that’s a total value of $4,600.

Pain Fix Protocol Review - Bonus Section


Overall, I found The Pain Fix Protocol to be a simple yet thorough method to address chronic pain. Dr. Yoni Whitten’s research and expertise shines through in each module.

I learned a lot about the causes of chronic pain and what the long-term strategies are to successfully address different types of pain. For the amount of information you get in The PFP, I definitely think the small investment is worth it—especially when you compare it with the alternative of suffering with chronic or acute pain.

Pain is all consuming. It affects sleep, joy, productivity, and beyond. When you’re in pain, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. I’ve been there at certain periods of my life… I know what it feels like. And anytime an ache or pain reemerges, I know to refer back to Whitten’s protocol to treat it at the root.

What I like the most about The PFP is how it offers a real and doable alternative to the costly and invasive (at best), completely ineffective (at worst) “solutions” offered by many professionals today. 

The majority of people are still functioning under the presumption that in order to treat chronic pain, they have to do things like go on steroids for the long term, or make the difficult and scary decision of going under the knife to get surgery. No one wants to make those kinds of decisions… but many people feel they have to. And unfortunately, many doctors are still pushing for these kinds of “treatments.”

I can stand behind the The Pain Fix Protocol because it’s:

  • Straightforward—you can, quite literally, do it from the comfort of your own home

  • A relatively small investment—remember, you have to think about what a future without chronic pain is worth (not to mention the costs of prescriptions, doctor’s visits, surgeries, and so on)

  •  Backed by science—Whitten has drawn on nearly 2 decades of education, research, and personal interest in this space to create this comprehensive protocol

I personally use The PFP to treat any aches and pains that arise, and I also happily refer my clients to it. It makes for a great addition to other natural modalities to treat pain and inflammation, like cryotherapy and infrared sauna.

If you have chronic pain that’s interfering with your life, I would suggest taking a look at The Pain Fix Protocol. Over the course of the 8 weeks, you’ll get a fantastic 360 view of the root causes of pain and get real, actionable strategies to beat yours. 

Being able to resolve chronic pain without doctors, drugs or surgery may sound too simplified or too good to be true for some—but that’s where most people go wrong. Treating chronic pain doesn’t need to be invasive, expensive, or cause more harm than good. It really can be as simply as addressing the root causes with a science-backed protocol. 

As long as you’re willing to learn, put in the time, and follow the protocol, I would highly recommend committing to The Pain Fix Protocol.

Also, feel free to fill out our configurator which will provide personalized therapy recommendations and pricing, click the link below.

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