Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Unleash the power of PEMF therapy, a potent cellular supercharger that energizes the inherent healing potential within each of your body’s cells. Experience the best, affordable PEMF therapy in Walnut Creek for a holistic, full-body healing experience.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, works by delivering electromagnetic pulses to your body using PEMF therapy devices.  These pulses stimulate your cells, promoting balance and vitality. Uses include PEMF therapy for cancer, PEMF for back pain, and PEMF therapy for knee pain.

How PEMF Therapy Works

Step 1:

During a local PEMF treatment, you lie on a pad connected to a pulsed magnetic field therapy device.

Step 2:

The pulsed magnetic field therapy device generates electromagnetic pulses that travel through the pad and into your body, potentially relieving conditions like PEMF therapy for neuropathy and PEMF therapy for arthritis.

Step 3:

These pulses will help to stimulate your cells and improve blood circulation.

Step 4:

The restored cellular charge from each 30-minute session optimizes your cells to perform at their best, resulting in tangible results for every patient, from PEMF therapy for pain in Walnut Creek to PEMF therapy for inflammation and more.

PEMF Therapy Benefits

The therapeutic action of the electromagnetic pulses in this electromagnetic therapy can:


Decrease Pain

Pain naturally decreases as the pulses recharge your body at a cellular level.  PEMF therapy for joint pain and PEMF therapy for migraines in Walnut Creek are just some ways this treatment can help. Improving oxygen supply and nutrient utilization further detoxifies the body and strengthens immunity.

Strengthen Bones and Joints

Increased circulation means an increase in available nutrients to your bones and joints.  This results in natural healing and strengthening, which is especially beneficial for PEMF therapy for arthritis in Walnut Creek.

Boost Blood Circulation

A boost to your blood circulation also accelerates athletic performance, making PEMF therapy for athletic performance in Walnut Creek a popular choice. It also adds speed in athletic recovery to overworked muscles, enhancing the benefits of PEMF therapy for muscle recovery in Walnut Creek.

Lower Stress Levels

Increase brain function as your stress level decreases naturally from PEMF treatments, such as PEMF therapy for stress relief, PEMF therapy for anxiety, and PEMF therapy for depression.  As stress goes down, your energy goes up, and you’ll find that you’re also experiencing better sleep, potentially benefiting from PEMF therapy for sleep and PEMF therapy for fibromyalgia in Walnut Creek.


PEMF can be used independently or in combination with other treatments, with no known side effects. It’s also beneficial for injury recovery, as evidenced by the popularity of PEMF therapy for injury recovery in Walnut Creek.

Most users experience results within 5-10 sessions, whether seeking PEMF therapy benefits in Walnut Creek for general well-being or targeted relief like PEMF therapy for arthritis or PEMF therapy for knee pain.