Normatec Compression Therapy in Walnut Creek

Experience enhanced healing, reduced soreness, and cleared cellular waste from your arms, legs, and hips with our Normatec Compression Therapy

What is Normatec Compression Therapy?

Normatec Compression Therapy is a form of physical therapy that uses static compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling from painful conditions or injuries. The benefits of Normatec compression therapy are numerous, and the treatment is well-loved for its effectiveness in promoting healing and recovery.

How Normatec Compression Therapy Works

Step 1:

The technique used in the Normatec Pulse system, available at the Normatech recovery Walnut Creek Center, is known as peristaltic pulse external pneumatic compression. This compression therapy massage is similar to a traditional massage but with the added Normatec compression benefits.

Step 2:

You’ll relax on a treatment table and put on specialized Normatec boots. These boots fill with air to compress your arms, legs, and hips, which is where the benefits of Normatec boots come into play.

Step 3:

The Normatec recovery system alternates pressure through different zones in the suits to stimulate normal blood flow. This makes it a prime choice for those seeking the benefits of Normatec compression.

Step 4:

A therapist adjusts the pressure in the system for your comfort. The Normatec compression therapy treatments are done seated or reclined, making the Normatec compression therapy comfortable and relaxing.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or with chronic pain, our local Normatec therapy offers the benefits of Normatec compression boots and full-leg recovery.

From using Normatec for muscle recovery to edema, swelling, and soreness, our affordable Normatech therapy in Walnut Creek has got you covered.

Benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy

Uncover the numerous benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy and how it can enhance your overall wellness:

Accelerating Muscle Recovery

Your workout leaves your muscles with trapped lactic acid, leading to soreness. The Normatec compression benefits come into play here as the therapy expels the lactic acid from your muscles, resulting in a quicker recovery.

Alleviating Pain

Promoting blood flow is crucial for rapid healing following a muscular injury or soreness. Normatec compression therapy benefits include increased blood circulation, which aids in pain reduction as the muscles heal faster. That’s why our Normatech recovery Walnut Creek center is renowned for providing effective Normatech for pain relief.

Minimising Loss of Flexibility

Post-exercise, your muscles might feel tight. Normatec Compression Therapy mitigates the loss of flexibility and promotes a broader range of movement even after intense workouts—experience how Normatech for tight muscles can help you maintain flexibility.

Boosting Athletic Performance

Our Normatec Compression Therapy ensures your muscles stay flexible and is designed to improve your athletic performance naturally. With us, your muscles are always in top shape and ready to face whatever challenges come your way.


This pressure helps to push blood and oxygen throughout the body, which can help reduce swelling, improve healing, and bring about the benefits of Normatec compression.

Typically, the sessions take about 15 minutes. The goal is to improve blood flow and circulation by applying pressure to the limbs, enhancing the benefits of the Normatec leg and hip compression.

Users report getting the most benefits of Normatec compression therapy after 10-20 sessions at our affordable Normatech therapy Walnut Creek center.

We offer Normatec compression complete body treatment with specialized attachments for legs, arms, hips, and back to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum benefits of Normatec boots.

Join our clientele who have discovered the Normatec compression boots benefits and the overall advantages of local Normatech therapy for their wellness journey.