Hydro-massage Bed Therapy

Lie on water without getting wet and experience the benefits hydro-massage bed therapy has to offer!

What is Hydro-massage Bed Therapy?

Hydro-massage bed therapy is a therapy done on a specialized dry bed that uses water to massage your body. The water moves with a gentle wave-like motion inside the bed to provide deep relaxation.

How Hydro-massage Bed Therapy Works

Step 1:

You lie on our medical-grade hydro-massage bed from Germany while a technician sets up the controls of the motion of the water underneath you to create the most relaxing experience. 

Step 2:

You are completely dry the whole time — it’s similar to lying on a waterbed.

Step 3:

Feel the pressure go up and down your body, stimulating blood flow and encouraging an entirely immersive experience.

Step 4:

Enjoy an improved sense of stress relief and relaxation after every 10-minute session.

Hydro-massage Bed Therapy Benefits

Lying on our hydro-massage bed benefits you by:

Enhanced Stress Relief

Hydro-massage bed therapy will bring you significant stress relief because of the way it works on your body. The gentle yet firm compressions work to relax your muscles resulting in better mobility. You might even fall asleep during the massage.

Improve Circulation

The compressions from hydro-massage bed therapy naturally increases while improving your circulation as your muscles experience the water-driven massage. This allows for enhanced relaxation along with improved circulation.

Pain Relief and Relaxation

Pain is caused by a variety of factors including injury, tension from stress, and overworked muscles. Hydro-bed massage works to reduce and relieve pain as cortisol levels drop, and your body’s stress response improves. The result is feeling entirely relaxed as the compressions move across your body.


If you need to relieve stress or relax, hydro-massage bed therapy is a great option.

The sessions last 10 minutes.

Most people will feel relaxed and rested after each session.