Skin Alchemy: Transforming Your Skincare Routine with Meteorites and Essential Oils w/ Andy Hnilo – Creator of Alitura Naturals Skincare

Welcome to the Human Optimization Center Podcast, where we explore the latest innovations and trends in health, wellness, and personal growth. 

In today’s episode, I’m thrilled to have an exclusive interview with the founder of Alitura Naturals Skincare, a cutting-edge skincare brand making waves with their out-of-this-world formulas and ingredients. 

Get ready to uncover ancient secrets, learn about transformative ingredients like meteorite powder and potent essential oils, and discover how to level up your skincare routine to achieve a radiant, youthful glow. 

Sit back, relax, and join us on this fascinating journey into the world of biohacking, Alitura Naturals Skincare, and the magic behind their skin-transforming products.”

Here’s links to all the products we talked about.

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00:00:01 – Introduction

  • Tim Fitzgerald introduces Andy Hnilo from Alitura Naturals skincare

  • Discount code available for listeners

00:00:59 – Products discussion

  • Andy shares information on various Alitura products

  • Tim applies knowledge gained to his own skincare routine

00:05:40 – Andy’s journey to skincare sales professional

  • Andy discusses his struggle with cystic acne

  • He became obsessed with finding a solution, leading to Alitura Naturals

00:09:56 – Andy’s background as a professional baseball player

  • Played on three divisional baseball teams in four years

  • Shifted to coaching and acting after his playing career

00:16:48 – Accident and recovery

  • Andy shares how his skincare products helped him recover from a severe facial injury

  • Friend Christina Rodrigo encouraged him to trust his body’s healing capabilities

00:20:41 – Pre-accident product development

  • Andy had already started piecing together ingredients for a clay mask

  • Kale, Russell, and other ingredients were part of his early experiments

00:29:28 – Safety of Alitura products

  • Andy emphasizes the use of food-based, non-toxic ingredients in his skincare line

00:31:07 – Product development process

  • Andy explains how he creates a symphony of ingredients for Alitura products

  • He believes in starting from a blank canvas and building from scratch

00:44:39 – Andy’s sauna routine and binders

  • Discusses his use of M.S.M., Niacin, and other supplements

  • Talks about activated charcoal and other binders during sauna sessions

00:57:17 – Alitura clay mask ingredients and uses

  • Explains the benefits of using apple cider vinegar with the clay mask

  • Shares the different types of clays used and their properties

01:03:11 – Essential oils used with the clay mask

  • Andy recommends various essential oils to complement the Alitura clay mask

01:07:48 – Dermaroller use and benefits

  • Explains how the dermaroller enhances product absorption by opening up the epidermis

  • Recommends cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol or witch hazel

01:11:50 – Alitura skincare routine

  • Suggests a simple routine: pearl cleanser, meteorite scrub, clay mask, gold serum, and night cream

  • Meteorite scrub expected to be released in late March

01:12:46 – Meteorite scrub

  • Tri-exfoliant system with three different sizes and four acids (lactic, mandelic, hyaluronic, and fulvic acid).

  • Contains ground, ultra-ventilated meteorite powder from a meteorite that landed in Morocco.

  • Provides a mild and cosmic exfoliating experience.

01:14:01 – Comparing to clay mask and pearl cleanser

  • Different ingredient components with a combination of skin-serving acids.

  • Helps skin naturally develop a thicker collagen layer.

  • Uses acids for exfoliation, providing a gentle yet effective exfoliating experience.

01:16:02 – Importance of exfoliation

  • Keeps skin from becoming dull by renewing the collagen synthesis process and promoting cell turnover.

  • Encourages fresh skin cell development for a more youthful appearance.

01:19:20 – Origins of Alitura

  • Latin for “feeding and nourishing.”

  • Focus on reducing breakage and incorporating peptides for skin health.

  • Emphasis on high-quality ingredients and extensive research.

01:25:40 – Importance of internal collagen and fat supplementation

  • Subcutaneous fat contributes to the thickness of the skin.

  • Healthy fats play a major role in skin health.

  • Incorporating healthy fats, like avocados and grass-fed butter, into the diet is essential for the skin.

01:31:37 – Alitura Moisturizer

  • Second product after the clay mask.

  • Inspired by ancient Egyptian skincare practices.

  • Careful collaboration with chemists to create a high-quality product.

01:37:36 – Avoiding alcohol in skincare products

  • Alitura uses organic alcohol for certain purposes, such as a delivery method or for skin toning.

  • Combines witch hazel and organic alcohol for optimal skincare benefits.

01:44:36 – Pearl cleanser

  • Contains colloidal silver for added skin benefits.

  • Some mixed reviews on the scent, but the aroma has been improved.

  • Effective for various skin types and conditions.

02:02:32 – Morning routine

  • Focus on cold showers, breathwork, and other health practices.

“Thank you for joining us on the Human Optimization Center Podcast today. I hope you enjoyed our captivating discussion with the founder of Alterra and gained valuable insights into the innovative world of skincare. 

It’s clear that Andy from Alitura is leading the way in harnessing the power of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge ingredients to help people achieve their best skin yet. 

As we conclude today’s episode, remember that investing in your skincare routine is an essential step towards a healthier, more confident you, for both men and women. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast for more engaging conversations on health, wellness, and personal growth. 

Until next time, stay inspired and keep striving for your own human optimization.”

Here’s links to all the products we talked about.

Make sure to use the code HOC to save 10% on your orders.


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