New Custom Red Light Therapy Panel

Why HOCs custom red and infrared light panel is more effective than other devices

The Human Optimization Center (HOC) is a beacon of innovation in today’s rapidly evolving health and wellness world. And here, we’re not just discussing the latest fads or fleeting trends — we inform you about genuine, science-backed advancements that can transform lives.

Enter our custom red and infrared light panel.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need about red and infrared light therapy, how it works, and why HOC’s new red and infrared light panel beats the competition.

Understanding Red Light Therapy: Beyond the Surface

Red light therapy might sound futuristic, but its roots are deeply embedded in scientific research.

The two standard wavelengths that most manufacturers focus on are the 660-nanometer (nm) red wavelength and the 850-nm near-infrared (NIR) wavelength.

However, HOC’s new custom red and infrared light panel uniquely combines five of the most beneficial wavelengths: 610 and 660 nm, 810, 830, and 850 nm. Each wavelength penetrates the skin at different depths, targeting various cellular structures.

This is the only device of its kind, and it’s only available at HOC.

Other Names

Red light therapy sometimes goes by other names, like low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation. These terms might sound technical, but they all relate to the same principle: using light to stimulate cellular function and repair.

The Power of Wavelengths: A Spectrum of Healing

Wavelengths are the key to understanding red light therapy. They determine the penetration depth, cellular response type, and therapeutic outcome. While many might assume “red light” is a one-size-fits-all solution, the nuances of wavelength selection are paramount.

Many manufacturers limit their devices to two wavelengths, typically 660 nm and 850 nm, to streamline production. While these are undeniably beneficial, they represent just a fraction of the therapeutic spectrum.

HOC’s Red and Infrared Light Panel Combines All the Best Wavelengths

We’ve always believed in offering comprehensive solutions at the Human Optimization Center. Our custom (and unique) red and infrared light panel is a testament to this philosophy. By incorporating five of the most potent wavelengths — 610 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm, 830 nm, and 850 nm — we can offer a more comprehensive and effective red light therapy.

But Why These Specific Wavelengths?

Each wavelength has its unique place in the therapeutic spectrum:

  • 610 and 660 nm: These two wavelengths are the most widely studied in the red light spectrum, penetrating the skin and sebaceous glands to rejuvenate tone and texture. The most beneficial red light wavelength for skin is commonly considered to be 660 nm, near the upper range of visible red light, with deeper penetration than the shorter 610 nm wavelength. We offer lighter wavelengths of red light therapy because of various factors, including the intensity and duration of the treatment, the distance between the light source and the skin, and the individual’s skin type and condition. Learn more about the efficacy of red and near-infrared light treatment.
  • 810, 830, and 850 nm: These wavelengths are closer to the near-infrared (invisible) range. The “best” NIR wavelength for deep tissue is typically 850 nm, near the upper NIR range. Studies on the benefits of 810, 830, and 850 nm wavelengths in the brain, and studies on skeletal and muscular benefits and wound healing.

By offering a spectrum of all five of the best wavelengths, we at HOC are not just providing generic therapy. Instead, we deliver a tailored healing experience that ensures our clients receive the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Optimizing Cellular Vitality

The real benefit of our bespoke red and infrared light panel is that it heals and optimizes the body from within on a cellular level.

 Humans cellular well-being takes center stage in the intricate web of overall human health. Each of our cells operates like a miniature power plant, with mitochondria as the chief engineers. These tiny mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cellular currency of energy. When our cells are brimming with energy, our health thrives.

But we are all also only human. Oxidative stress, inflammation, injuries, and diseases can all hamper mitochondrial function. This disruption, termed “mitochondrial dysfunction,” creates a chain reaction affecting the entire system, often leaving us tired and unwell.

Red Light Therapy to the Rescue

The 610, 660, 810, 830, and 850 nm wavelengths have an extraordinary knack for revitalizing mitochondria, kickstarting their ATP production. By providing this vital energy boost, red light therapy helps cells regain their optimal functionality, accelerates their self-repair mechanisms, and enhances their performance within the body.

Here’s a general overview of the benefits of the shorter and longer wavelengths:

  • 610 and 660 nm Wavelength: Promotes skin health and surface healing, decreases inflammation, and improves muscle recovery.
  • 810, 830, and 850 nm wavelength: Penetrates deeper into the body, reaching muscles, bones, and the brain to assist in deep tissue healing, reducing inflammation in joints and muscles, and enhancing cognitive function.

Benefits of the Red and Infrared Light Panel

Here are the incredible benefits of using HOC’s custom red and infrared panel.

  • Enhanced Cellular Energy Production: Red and near-infrared wavelengths stimulate mitochondria to produce more ATP, boosting overall cellular function and energy levels.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Specific red wavelengths, such as 660 nm, penetrate the skin to improve tone, texture, and collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Deep Tissue Healing: Longer wavelengths like 850 nm can penetrate deep into the body, aiding in muscle recovery, reducing inflammation in joints and muscles, and even potentially improving cognitive function.
  • Comprehensive Therapy: Panels that offer a spectrum of wavelengths, like those at the Human Optimization Center, provide a holistic approach to wellness by addressing a wide range of health and skin-related issues.
  • Holistic Wellness: This panel can be integrated into wellness protocols like the Self Healing Protocol, offering a noninvasive, natural, and highly effective method to stimulate cellular energy production and promote healing from within.

HOC Goes Deep With Our Therapies

Our custom and unique red and infrared light panel offers more than making your skin look good. It will penetrate the core of your cellular health, reigniting the inner powerhouses that keep you vibrant and alive.

A Key Addition to Our Holistic Self-Healing Protocol

HOC’s custom red and infrared panel provides holistic wellness benefits, including skin rejuvenation and deep-tissue healing, with its impressive power output ensuring effective therapy. This panel is an essential addition to our Self-Healing Protocol, combining various modalities to naturally support your body’s healing processes.

So whether you’re seeking to rejuvenate your skin, expedite muscle recovery, or facilitate deep-tissue healing, our custom panel has you covered. It’s a unique and transformative addition to your journey toward optimal health and represents HOC’s dedication to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology for your well-being.


Innovation is critical in the wellness world, and our custom red and infrared light panel embodies the future or optimal health potential. This panel offers a gateway to rejuvenated skin, enhanced cellular vitality, and a holistic path to living your best life.

Experience the remarkable benefits of our new and one-of-a-kind red and infrared light panel at HOC. Click the link below to learn more about the red and infrared light panel, how it works, and what we offer.

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