What Is PEMF? Uses, Benefits, and Therapy

Are you looking for ways to energize all aspects of your life and enhance your overall wellness? If so, it’s time to take a closer look at PEMF therapy. 

PEMF is a form of electromagnetic therapy that’s been used for thousands of years, but only studied for the last hundred.

Today, it combines historical discoveries with modern technology, representing a natural alternative for improved wellness. Those who use PEMF do so for various reasons, including pain relief, enhanced brain function, and improved joint mobility.  

Keep reading to find out more about how PEMF works and whether it’s right for you. 


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and is a source of energy that repairs the body naturally. It enhances cells’ functionality, which plays a vital role in regenerating and rebuilding the body through energy restoration. 

While it sounds modern, it is something that has been practiced since ancient times.


The use of magnetic fields to heal individuals dates back to 4000 BC. Hindus treated disease using magnetized stones known as lodestones, a rare type of magnetite rock that is naturally magnetized. By 2000 BC, Chinese physicians had created written protocols for applying lodestones to acupuncture points. 

The ancient Egyptians also appear to have used lodestones, and Cleopatra is reported to have worn a small magnet to preserve her youth. In Ancient Greece, lodestones were used by Hippocrates to alleviate headaches. In the 1600’s Sir William Gilbert used loadstones to relieve the arthritic pains of Queen Elizabeth I. 

Academic study of PEMF began as early as 1932 when researchers from Yale University discovered that depleted electrical energy from the body was the cause of dis-ease. However, pulsed electromagnetic fields were able to donate energy, helping cells to repair, rebuild, and regenerate naturally. 

The use of lodestones and the study of electromagnetic-magnetic field therapy for humans has continued into the 20th century. In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF to combat bone loss, leading to the technology being used on astronauts after they had returned to earth. Later approvals recognized PEMF’s effectiveness for pain, postoperative edema, nonunion fractures, and cervical surgery recovery. In 2011, PEMF was recognized as a treatment for depression. 

In the 21st century, exciting developments continue when it comes to the application of PEMF modalities. Today, the evidence keeps mounting for the use of high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields, especially when treating brain ailments and disorders.  


What is PEMF therapy? Low levels of electromagnetic energy are emitted towards your body using a machine. These are focused on places where you need healing, such as an injured body part.

This electromagnetic energy helps to stimulate cell and tissue regeneration. The EMF pulses that target your body do so on the cellular level. With your cells recharged, they can provide your body with the power it needs to improve your health.

The Human Optimization Center uses the Pulse Center XL Pro, the leading professional PEMF machine with unparalleled customization options to ensure the perfect session for you.  


Those using PEMF have reported many improvements when it comes to their physical well-being. These improvements include:

  • Better brain function

  • Enhanced recovery and repair after exercise and injury

  • Improved blood circulation and lessened chronic inflammation 

  • Fortified immunity due to increased blood and lymph circulation

  • Supported bone density and joint function

  • Improved pelvic blood flow and function in clients suffering from erectile dysfunction

  • Improved sleep quality due to muscle relaxation and reduced stress

At this point, you’ve probably still got questions about how PEMF works. After all, why would charging your body with electromagnetic fields prove helpful? Let’s take a closer look.


Electricity is a vital part of the human body. Electricity, water, minerals, and red light exposure help our cells regenerate and communicate, sending signals throughout our bodies, including the brain. 

Interestingly, scientists have observed that a healthy cell has a higher electrical charge than an unhealthy one. This higher charge permits it to function the way that it should. 

The research of Dr. Jerry Tennant confirms that the body is designed to run at a voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts. Tennant notes that individuals experience chronic illness when voltage drops below -20 millivolts. As for healing, it requires -50 millivolts. 

To amp up the healing process, PEMF devices charge the cells up enough to trigger the healing process. To do this, PEMF machines mimic the natural frequencies that originate in the earth’s electromagnetic field. 

Different cell types get influenced by these frequencies, and PEMF machines vary in intensity. They typically produce less radiation than a computer, though. And they create longer wavelengths. These longer wavelengths are less harmful than the shorter wavelengths we absorb every day from our modern environment.


At this point, you may be wondering whether PEMF therapy is right for you. When considering trying PEMF for the first time you’ll definitely want to work with a specialist like the team at Human Optimization Center so they can make sure you get the best possible experience. Before you begin, here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, PEMF is FDA-approved to treat non-union fractures, urinary incontinence, cervical fusion, anxiety, depression, brain cancer, bone healing, and muscle stimulation. So you can be sure that it is a safe procedure. 

The electricity used during treatments is so low that it’s harmless to the human body with regard to radiation. 

PEMF stimulates cellular activity and increases oxygen content within the cells, which can have a detoxifying effect. While this detoxification is good, the release of toxins from the cells may result in temporary side effects as the toxins filter out of your body. Side effects are generally mild and may include:

  • Mild nausea

  • Lethargy or fatigue

  • Generalized low-level body aches

Fortunately, these side effects generally prove temporary and are due to increased blood flow and oxygenation. Not unlike your first day after starting an exercise regime. 

It’s important to be well hydrated on the day of your session, and minerals are a critical component to electrical flow for our cells.  We carry one of the best mineral supplements at our Center for this reason.


Having electromagnetic fields pulsed through your body isn’t so sci-fi, after all. It has been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years—a trusted method of easing pain and enhancing wellness, naturally and safely. 

If you’d like to try PEMF for yourself, be sure to take advantage of our incredible 3 for 1 new client special.

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