The Energy Blueprint Program: A Review


There’s something that everyone in the world wants: and that’s more energy.

Whether you’re a parent with 3 kids, a college student, or in your retirement years, you can probably relate. And so can I.

Now, I do everything in my power to boost my own energy levels naturally. I eat a clean diet, am passionate about wellness, am physically active, and look after my stress and inflammation levels daily. This includes regular cryo, PEMF, red light therapy and of course infrared sauna sessions at HOC.

Regardless, I’m always looking for ways to boost energy levels. And that’s why The Energy Blueprint, created by Ari Whitten, caught my attention.


The Energy Blueprint is an online platform that includes a podcast, blog, supplements, and resources for people to naturally increase their energy levels. But for this review, we’re specifically going to be talking about The Energy Blueprint program.

This online program consists of 8 weeks of in depth training designed to help you overcome fatigue and tap into your natural energy levels. The program, created by Ari Whitten, is based on a scientific system for energy enhancement.

One of the first questions I asked myself is—who is Ari Whitten? After all, there are plenty of online courses and products claiming to sell the “secret” to boosting natural energy. Is this another snake oil salesman type situation?

Similar to the weight loss category, unfortunately this is a category that many online consumers fall prey to. It’s an easy thing to market: “have unbounding energy like never before!” Sounds great in theory.

But after some research, Ari Whitten, founder of The Energy Blueprint, is the real deal. Ari (Ph.D. Cand., CES, PES.) is an energy and fatigue specialist. He’s studied nutrition and holistic health for over 20 years. His background, education, experience, and certifications all check out. The Energy Blueprint also has 4 other medical professionals on their team.

Ari even has a ton of free resources you can take a look at, including a free video series to increase your energy. And I think the mark of a good product or service is when the expert is willing to give valuable information away for free. So if you’re curious about what he offers, I would recommend starting with some of those free resources.

It’s also worth noting that The Energy Blueprint has had over 10,000 premier members go through the program in just the last few years with success: battle chronic fatigue, completely transform their energy levels, and get their life back.

In addition, The Energy Blueprint has helped over 300,000 (yes, nearly half a million people…) improve their energy with their free Masterclass.

Now, most people will look towards testimonials to get a feel for whether the program is worth it or not. The only caveat with that is it’s hard to tell these days what testimonials are real, and which are fake or bought.

With The Energy Blueprint, you can find real screenshots from real people on their testimonials page. These are people, just like me and you, who purchased the program themselves and are seeing real results.

Just a few snippets from this page: “Thank you Ari for almost 100% fixing my sleep in just over 3 weeks! And my energy levels are going through the roof.

I feel like my life is finally starting now. With my head clearer and much more energy, I can really focus on what I want to do and make it happen!”

You are giving me my life back. I have lived such a small life for so very long due to lack of energy. I feel a difference enough already to see a life that could be creative, productive, and dare I say… fun!”

Pretty compelling, right? Reading these testimonials certainly had me wonder if the program could work for me—so I bought it to find out.


First, let’s go over what The Energy Blueprint claims to do for people.

Like a lot of other programs and supplement companies, you can find some of the same amazing promises. Their tagline? “Overcome fatigue, sleep deeper than you have in years (or decades), and double or triple your energy…. Guaranteed!”

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Let’s dig into the specifics:

  • Get rid of fatigue

  • Get better sleep

  • Rid yourself of anxiety and depression

  • Have energy and mental clarity all day

  • Take health and performance to a new level

To boot, they promise that you can begin seeing these results in 60 days. Now, while this may seem like a hefty promise, a lot of these actually make sense. After all, having energy (or not) seeps into every area of life: relationships, work, and of course, your overall health.

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One of the first things I noticed about The Energy Blueprint was how thorough the modules are. Ari doesn’t just teach the basics—eating the right foods, or getting enough sleep—he takes a deep dive into each area of health that has an effect on energy levels.

This includes topics like:

  • The vagus nerve

  • Circadian rhythms

  • Neurotransmitter optimization

  • Calorie flux

  • Meal composition

  • Rebuilding your mitochondria

  • Gut healing protocol

This isn’t just surface level stuff. These aren’t topics you’re going to find in other energy management programs. Ari’s research and expertise really comes through in each module. And for people looking to have a whole 360 approach to boosting their energy levels, there is access to an incredible amount of information.

I would consider myself to be pretty versed in the wellness space, and I learned a lot. With an hour-long video and multiple resources on each subject, there are many opportunities to get an expert’s insights on each individual element that has an effect on boosting energy levels.

What I really liked about this 60 day program is that it’s not a quick-fix guide. Ari makes no unreasonable promises—just offers detailed, expert insights (actually backed by science) and a step-by-step process of addressing each element that impacts energy levels.

If someone was to follow his guidance, barring no major outliers, I’m confident they’d start seeing the kind of results he promises. That’s how thorough the information provided is.

After 30 days of following the program myself, I began to feel a positive impact on my energy levels. My head felt clearer, I was able to get through my day without that notorious afternoon slump, and I just felt better.

After the full 60 days, I knew the knowledge and protocols I was applying from The Energy Blueprint were working. And as long as I stick with them, my energy levels maintain. Overall, The Energy Blueprint offers a great foundational protocol to compliment the rest of my wellness routine.


This 100% online program is accessed on The Energy Blueprint website and includes a few different assets.

The Energy Blueprint contains:

  • Long-form videos ( ~1 hour)

  • Downloadable PDFs (challenges, checklists, guides)

  • Audio files

The videos are fantastic and thorough, and the PDFs are a great added resource. I found many of the downloadable sheets to be a great way to digest the information at my own pace and follow along step-by-step.

These PDFs also included resources like cookbooks and product recommendations. One of my first concerns was: are they just going to be selling their own supplements?

Turns out, this isn’t the case. And many of the supplements they recommend are from other brands—quality, reputable brands that are known in the wellness space, like Pure Encapsulations. That was a pleasant surprise, as many of these programs will only link out to their own products (which is always a red flag for me).

As far as the provided audio files, I found them very useful as I consume a lot of content while I’m on the road. One thing to note is that the audio was originally recorded as a video, so parts of them will lack context if you’re listening to them.

Along with the regular curriculum, there are also 8 bonus modules. These modules are:

  • The Energy Blueprint Cookbook

  • The Top Science-Backed Supplements for Energy Enhancement

  • How to Overcome Chronic Infections

  • How to Use Movement To Increase Your Energy

  • The Bioactive Wavelengths of Light

  • The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy

  • The Mitochondrial Biogenesis Protocol

  • The Top 22 Science-Backed Benefits Of Saunas

Just like the main curriculum, each bonus module comes with the relevant video, downloadables, and audio file.

The curriculum and the bonus modules address all of the various elements that can have an effect on energy levels. These include:

  • Stimulants and caffeine

  • Hormesis

  • Circadian rhythm

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Infections

  • ACEs or adverse childhood events

  • Water

  • Sunlight

  • Other medical conditions and diseases

  • Our social life and our relationships

  • Chronic psychological and emotional stress

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Prescription and over the counter drugs

  • Toxin exposure

Like I mentioned earlier, The Energy Blueprint really does a great job at breaking down each and every factor that impacts your energy levels, and your life. This program breaks down the real causes of fatigue, in each system of the body. A lot of it revolves around the mitochondria. The Blueprint focuses on 2 major things:

  1. Eliminating/minimizing the sources of stress that your mitochondria are picking up as threats that are switching them off.
  2. Build up the body’s resilience systems.

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The Energy Blueprint is broken up into 6 major steps:

  1. Circadian rhythm and sleep optimization
  2. Eliminate the triggers of the CDR (cell danger response)
  3. Brain-based energy enhancement
  4. Heal and seal the gut
  5. Science-based detoxification
  6. Build your cellular engine (hormesis)

As you work through each module, you’ll first watch the video. I would recommend taking notes (on paper or your computer) as you go. There will be a lot of useful information that you won’t want to miss or forget.

Then, you’ll have the option of downloading the included documents (the checklists, guides, and so on) that accompany the module. Finally, if you want to download the audio file, you can do that too which is super helpful if you want to play the lesson back on the go in the car or during a workout / walk.

Finally, you’ll mark each module complete as you move through them. I would suggest working through each module start to finish (and not skipping around) in order to get the absolute most value out of the program.  He has it laid out in a very specific way so this is important.

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Most people are looking to have more energy in their lives—so in that regard, in theory this program is for everyone. But I’ll tell you who I think is a really good fit for this program. Someone who is:

  • Suffering from fatigue, low energy, or a feeling of general malaise

  • Ready for a change and willing to put in the work (this program won’t work if you don’t. It’s not a magic pill)

  • Willing to invest in their health and future

If those 3 things resonate with you, then I’d say it’s worth giving The Energy Blueprint a shot.


Let’s talk pricing.

The Energy Blueprint consists of 3 payments of $197 (for a total of $591), or you can save $94 by making one payment of $497. I opted for the latter in order to take advantage of the discount.

Yes, I do actually own this.  I bought it back in 2018 and it has made a great impact on my life which is what motivated me to put this review together.

Here’s the thing: yes, this program is an investment. But that’s just it—you have to consider it a (relatively small) investment in your health and your future. I personally think that the amount of information that is broken down in The Energy Blueprint more than pays for itself.

As the only complete scientific solution to energy enhancement, you’re getting much more value than what you’re paying for (including the bonus modules). And you also have to ask what the price is of having chronically low energy.

Chronically low energy = less productivity, being less present, and being less happy. Let’s be real, chronic fatigue is a pain. It’s, quite literally, exhausting. And it seeps into every area of your life. Work, family, relationships. If you don’t have consistent levels of energy, you can’t show up and be your best self. Over time, that really takes its toll.

To me, that’s what makes this program worth it. The cost of low energy is far greater than what The Energy Blueprint costs.

They also offer a money back guarantee. They guarantee (and I quote) that you either get “life changing results”, or you can ask for your money back. That kind of “no risk” proposition is appealing to me. What do I really have to lose by giving it a shot? Usually programs don’t offer that kind of guarantee if there isn’t science (and results) to back it.

You buy it, and try it. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for your money back. The thing is, if you actually put what The Blueprint teaches you into practice, I’m confident you won’t need to take them up on it.


Overall, I would 100% recommend The Energy Blueprint program for anyone who wants more energy in their life (again, who doesn’t?), is willing to actually work through each module, and then apply what they learn to their life and approach to health.

This isn’t a program that you can simply skim and cherry pick. You have to commit.

But for those who are ready for a change in their life and get a real boost to their energy levels, I personally think this program is a no brainer. In less than 2 months, with some time spent learning and then implementing what you learn, you can feel like an entirely different person. The increase in my own energy levels has been palpable. That’s why I feel so confident in recommending it… If I can see results, you can, too.

This program was also created by someone who suffered from chronic fatigue first hand and has spent over 20 years researching, writing, and creating a program based specifically about energy. It doesn’t get much more expert than that. It’s based on science, not speculation.

Would I recommend The Energy Blueprint? Yes. But there’s 2 caveats to this:

  1. Go through all of the modules, one by one. Don’t skip around, otherwise you may miss certain important points and steps.
  2. Finish the program completely before making your judgement call.

So what do you have to lose? If you’ve even had the fleeting thought over the last several months that you could use more energy on a regular basis, I’d encourage you to take a closer look at The Energy Blueprint.


Also, feel free to fill out our configurator which will provide personalized therapy recommendations and pricing, click the link below.

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