Infrared Sauna Therapy Helps Boost Overall Health & Prevent Sickness

Your health is one of the most important investments you can make.

You deserve to live an active, fulfilled lifestyle with all of the benefits of a vibrant mind, a pain-free body, and a robust immune system.

For that reason, you may wish to consider infrared sauna therapy as part of your health optimization plan.

If you’ve never heard of an infrared sauna treatment, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss the health benefits of sauna use, as well the unique advantages of infrared saunas and how they can help you detoxify your body, combat illness, ease stiffness and joint pain, lose weight, decrease cellulite, reduce stress and fatigue, sleep better, and even boost your immune system.


You’ve probably visited a traditional sauna before. Maybe there’s one at your gym, or you discovered one at a hotel you were staying at.

How a Traditional Sauna Works

In a traditional sauna, the air in the room is heated until it’s hot enough to raise your body’s temperature, often up to 195 Fahrenheit. While this is typically a safe temperature for most people, it can be dangerous for those with low blood pressure or other cardiac ailments, and even healthy people can find the extreme heat and humidity uncomfortable.

Because of the significant amount of energy required to heat the sauna room to a therapeutic temperature, traditional saunas use a lot of electricity, and take a long time to build up a sufficient level of therapeutic heat.

Infrared Saunas

By contrast, infrared saunas use technology that heats visitors’ bodies directly, with only a small percentage of the heat actually heating the air. The result is a more temperate, more comfortable sauna room with all the benefits of a traditional sauna, plus a few more!

Infrared saunas produce the same infrared heat that you’ll find in nature: from the warm glow of the sun to the soothing heat of a crackling fire, these are both examples of infrared heat. Infrared wavelengths are invisible to the human eye, but longer wavelengths can be felt on the skin. Short and near infrared wavelengths cannot typically be felt, but can enhance the effects of longer wavelengths.

In an infrared sauna, these therapeutic wavelengths produce a soothing, radiant heat which can be absorbed over the entire body. Unlike a conventional sauna which may cause only a superficial sweat, the radiant heat of an infrared sauna is capable of penetrating the body to a depth of 1.5 inches, which results in a deeper, more detoxifying sweat.

For those who find traditional saunas uncomfortable, you’ll be happy to know that infrared saunas are also dry saunas, with significantly lower humidity levels than traditional ones. Many users report a more comfortable session and greater ease of breathing as a result.

It’s true that feeling overheated is a possible side effect of any sauna experience, including infrared. It’s important to stay well hydrated before and after the experience. Be upfront with your Human Optimization technician about your medical history, and always check with your physician if you have any concerns about whether or not a sauna is right for you.


Many people choose to explore infrared sauna therapy because it’s such a relaxing experience. Time in an infrared sauna in the evening is a great way to unwind and destress while you sweat out any of your stress from the day. Many users report lowered levels of stress and fatigue, and enjoy a better night’s sleep as well.

An infrared sauna can help you in your weight management goals by increasing your metabolism and helping you burn calories while sweating.

Infrared saunas are also a great way to combat chronic pain caused by injury or health conditions. If you struggle with any kind of chronic pain, regular infrared sauna sessions can help relieve muscle pain and ease joint pain and stiffness.

As your body starts to sweat, it releases harmful toxins that disrupt optimal immune system functioning. This helps remove toxins that would otherwise block the healthy and natural production of your body’s hormones that are responsible for your energy levels.

Finally, infrared sauna therapy is great for increasing blood circulation, which is great for boosting your immune system. And a healthy immune system is definitely worth your investment, now more than ever.


Your immune system is, in essence, a barrier between you and harmful contagions that can cause illness. When you have a healthy immune system, you can go through life with greater ease, fewer sick days, and less fear for your health.

Infrared saunas have numerous benefits, which can help to strengthen your immune system.

The radiant heat helps support your body’s natural defence system by increasing white blood cell production. The increase in cardiovascular circulation helps to increase blood flow to your organs, ensuring optimal performance and also drawing out harmful toxins.

The well known stress reducing effects of time in a sauna also helps strengthen your immune system by reducing levels of cortisol, the stress hormone known for suppressing the immune system and weakening your body’s ability to fight off viruses.

A healthy immune system is essential if you want to maintain any kind of active lifestyle. Speak with your Human Optimization technician about the ideal frequency of infrared sauna sessions to help keep your immune system functioning at its best. And as always, consult your doctor if you have any chronic health conditions which may not make you an ideal candidate for saunas.


There’s no need to cut corners when it comes to maintaining the optimal functioning of your immune system.

A session in one of our Infrared Saunas doesn’t just help reduce pain and improve your metabolism. It can help strengthen your immune system by increasing white blood cell counts, improving circulation, releasing toxins, and reducing the stress that depresses your immune system.

At the Human Optimization Centre in Walnut Creek, we offer a range of professional complimentary services that support your healthy lifestyle. From Cryotherapy to Red Light Therapy and Infrared Sauna Therapy, we’re happy to be your partners on the journey to optimization.

Contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more about our services.


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