How to Protect Yourself and Mitigate the Damage Done by Smoke From Fires

If felt like I woke up next to a campfire this morning, and the first thoughts that went through my mind were that I need to seal up our house to keep as much smoke out as possible.

Next was to strategically place our air purifiers to help filter and clean the air where our young daughter would be spending most of her day.

What follows are all my recommendations on how to mitigate smoke inhalation as well as how to protect and detox the body from all this nastiness.


  1. 1Close all the window as tight as you can, latch if possible, to help seal them shut.
  2. Think about anywhere that smoke can come into your house.

    – Bathroom fans – turn them on.
    – Fireplace – do what you can to seal it up. Shut the chimney flue, or if you have a gas one like us, tape it up. Last year I realized a ton of smoke came in from there.
    – Oven hood – turn on the fan.
    – Dryer – keep this door closed since it’s a direct line to the outside, that means smoke can come in.
    – Check your HVAC filters and make sure they’re a high MERV rating. We use MERV 13 at our center and house.

  3. Place a towel under any outside doors where smoke could come in from.
  4. Get a good air purifier.  As far as air purifiers go, here’s what we have at our house as well as at our center.

    Air Doctor air purifier on Amazon

    Air Oasis air purifier on Amazon

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Molekule as well. 


This is something great for overall health in general and is even more important when there’s so much crap in the air.  We have a built-in air filter – our nose and nasal pathway so let’s use it!

Here’s a fantastic book on Amazon that goes into that and a whole lot more.



I’d recommend keeping the air circulate on so that the smoky air isn’t flowing straight in and check / replace your cabin air filter.


This is a time where I actually suggest people wear a high quality N99 mask outside so that it can filter the micro particles that we’re surrounded by.  Here’s what I picked up last year during the last round of really bad fires.



N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine – NAC for short.  This supplement is great for many reasons for general health. 

During these poor air quality times, the reason I turn to it is for its ability to help my body create more Glutathione (the bodies master antioxidant) as well as its ability to help support my liver & lung functions.

You can easily find it at Sprouts, Whole Foods or your local vitamin store.  Here’s a link to the one I get on Amazon.

Click here for NAC on Amazon

As an allergy sufferer for decades, I feel like I’ve tried everything.  In the past it was pharmaceuticals, since changing my ways and getting healthy I’ve tried just about every single herbal blend I could find. 

Across the board, some would help, some wouldn’t, some helped then stopped working and nothing stood the test of time.

I’m excited to say that I’ve finally found something that I’ve now been using for over a year, and it’s just as effective as it was when I started. 

It’s called – My Sinus Miracle.

Hopefully, we will soon be selling this in-store.  Every person I’ve turned onto this product is having the same results.

This next product blew my mind.  The story behind it is incredible, and it lives up to doing what it says it can do.

I was so impressed with my experience I setup a wholesale account so we could sell it here at our Center.

It’s great at supporting the immune system as well has support a healthy detox process.  1 tip – start low and slow and build your way up to the full dose 😊

Their skin gel has done some incredible things for me as well as our daughter.

The really nice part is that it’s super affordable and safe for pretty much everyone to use.

You can come in to purchase either of those, or you can find it online. 

Here’s more info;


Many of our services will help to support your immune system and well as flush toxins out of your body.

The BIG 4 that come to mind are:

  1. Whole Body Cryotherapy
  2. Infrared Sauna
  3. PEMF
  4. Oxygen Rally (Live O2)

You can visit the links above to learn more about each service and book a time to come in.

We of course are running multiple top quality air filters here and just a couple weeks ago replace all of the HVAC filters so rest assured you’ll be in a better air quality environment than most places.

See you soon!

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