Benefits of PEMF for Hip and Joint Pain Relief

More than 15 million Americans suffer from severe hip and joint pain associated with arthritis, and that number is rising

If you are among them or if you suffer from any joint pain, you want relief. Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) may offer that relief.

First approved by the FDA in 1979 to counter bone loss and promote healing of nonunion fractures, PEMF has grown in popularity in recent years. Knowledge of its wide-ranging benefits has fueled this growth. PEMF offers particular promise for individuals who suffer from hip and joint pain.

Read on to learn more about PEMF and its benefits.


If you’ve played with magnets and tried to force them together, you’ve felt the power of a magnetic field. This type of magnetic field is static. In contrast, pulsing electromagnetic field therapy uses a changing magnetic field. An electric current generates this changing magnetic field.

Because magnetic fields are charged, they affect other nearby charged objects. The human body is itself among these charged objects. Each heartbeat sends electromagnetic waves throughout the body. These electromagnetic waves act on and activate the body’s tissues, including bones, ligaments, and tendons, at the cellular level.

While the body produces its own electromagnetic waves, it can also be affected by external magnetic fields.

PEMF is an external magnetic field that can optimize the body’s function at a cellular level.


When you experience joint pain, your attention is directed to your joints. When you describe this experience, you likely speak in terms of bones, ligaments, and tendons. You probably don’t speak in terms of your cells. However, it is your cells that are crying out for attention when you experience pain.

Your cells help your body eliminate waste, repair damaged tissues, and perform other specialized functions. To perform these functions, cells need energy. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is an organic compound that helps regulate the energy levels in your cells.

When ATP is low, your cells struggle to perform their functions. Low ATP means that waste products build up in your body. Damage to bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles goes unrepaired. And your body simply doesn’t function properly. Each of these circumstances can be a source of pain.

When your cells are tired, they send their pain signals to the brain. Pain is among your cells’ loudest cries for help. Pain signals that your cells need energy support. Because it can optimize your body’s function at a cellular level, PEMF therapy can be an effective answer to their call.


By stimulating movement in ions and electrolytes, PEMF can increase your cells’ energy levels by up to 500%. 

With this increased energy, your cells can better eliminate the waste and repair the damage that is causing you pain. With the energy necessary to function properly, your cells are thriving and have no reason to send pain signals to the brain.

The electromagnetic fields of PEMF also act on your cells’ membranes, affecting their charges. The cell’s membrane works as its gatekeeper, allowing nutrients in and wastes out. By causing these gates to operate more effectively, PEMF may further optimize cell function.

Good circulation is also essential to ensure that your body’s cells have the nutrients they need to repair and regenerate tissues. Here again, PEMF may offer benefits, as the changing magnetic fields in Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy improve circulation and the flow of nutrient-rich blood to healing tissues. 

Finally, your cells produce unique heat stress proteins to respond and protect against stressful stimuli, such as strenuous exercise, by preventing wear-and-tear and breakdown of cells. Magnetic fields gently increase the production of these stress proteins, which, in turn, counter the wear-and-tear your body experiences as pain.

In short, PEMF therapy can magnify the body’s natural energy and significantly reduce your experience of pain.


Clients using PEMF therapy typically experience significant joint pain relief as the electromagnetic fields:

  • Promote tissue repair and cell regeneration

  • Increase circulation

  • Reduce the formation of scar tissue

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation

  • Produce endorphins, or “feel-good” hormones

  • Relax muscles

PEMF studies suggest that PEMF therapy can produce these effects in clients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Recent PEMF research shows particularly promising results for clients with osteoarthritis pain. Compared to control groups, the viability of stem cells in clients’ bone marrow using PEMF increased.


Damage takes time to develop. Likewise, your body takes time to heal. 

It’s important to gauge your expectations for PEMF therapy on several factors. These include the seriousness of the issue that’s causing your pain and its duration. 

PEMF is not a “cure.” Instead, it works with the body’s natural healing processes. Over time, the therapy provides relief as these innate healing processes become more effective.

Fortunately, there are other steps you can take to promote healing, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. Importantly, you can and should take these steps even as you use PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy is even more effective for hip and joint pain when used in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Not only can these exercises speed recovery, but they may also decrease the risk of future injuries.  


PEMF therapy’s benefits offer hope to many clients and have led providers to herald the PEMF device as a “miracle box.” However, clients may wonder about the potential dangers of exposing themselves to electromagnetic fields. 

Some electromagnetic fields are dangerous to the human body. Fields produced by cell phones and power lines operate at higher strengths and frequencies than the human body. Significant exposure to these fields can generate heat in body tissues, altering cells and genes. Exposure to “electro-smog” from these fields can be harmful.

However, PEMF devices are calibrated to produce safe electromagnetic fields. These safe fields produced by PEMF devices fall in the extremely low- or very-low-frequency range. Even higher-intensity PEMF devices are still completely safe when operated by trained Human Optimization Technicians.

PEMF therapy studies have consistently failed to find any adverse side effects associated with its use. 


Our clients have enjoyed the benefits of PEMF therapy for years. Each year, the body of research on PEMF’s effectiveness and safety grows.

Those who struggle with hip and joint pain are increasingly turning to PEMF. Working with your body’s natural healing processes, PEMF can offer the pain relief you need to get back to living your best life. 

Book your PEMF session with the Human Optimization Center to experience the benefits for yourself.

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