A patient cured is a customer lost

It must be a tough time to be in big pharma right now…

With so many people spreading misinformation and asking awkward questions.

And Ivermectin must be a real pain in the butt too…

Because here’s a medication that’s dirt cheap, widely available, and pretty darn effective at treating Covid.

Here’s 64 studies, 45 peer-reviewed with 32 randomized control trials showing improvement of  63%+ in early treatment and 84%+ in prophylaxis…

 But for big pharma the mantra seems to be: “a patient cured is a patient lost”…

And I think they would rather we just shut up about Ivermectin so they can sell us annual boosters instead:

That would certainly be more profitable than Ivermectin:

Given the evidence available, it’s very hard to believe they AREN’T suppressing adjunctive treatments like Ivermectin in favor of profits.

And it’s not like shady stuff like this hasn’t happened before…

In 2009 Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion by the FDA for fraud…

The years between 2003 and 2016 all pharmaceutical companies on the Global 500 or Fortune 1000 list for at least 7 years were analyzed, of which there were 26 firms.

85% had one or more criminal penalties.  That’s 22 of the 26.


And we’ve seen similar things with the tobacco industry

And the sugar industry.

The mainstream media say Ivermectin is only a horse dewormer used by low IQ anti-science folks…

And Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are silencing anyone who talks about or even asks questions about it.

I can’t even say the word Ivermectin on Instagram for fear of my account being deleted again!

It’s a freaking disgrace that profits seem to be taking precedence over people’s health.

I’m not interested in Ivermectin as an alternative to vaccination as much as what it reveals about big pharma’s attitudes towards profit vs health.

And I support everyone making their own choice with regards to vaccination.

Just remember, the vaccinated are still getting Covid:

This paper published September 30th shows the vaccines are not only failing to prevent case numbers, but they are actually finding a positive association between vaccination rates and case numbers.

And if you look at the UK data right now the vaccinated cases are outnumbering the unvaccinated cases in all age groups above 18.

The vaccines are clearly not stopping people from getting Covid…

So why can’t we at least consider Ivermectin as an adjunctive therapy?

Dr. Pierre Kory MD has testified in front of the US Senate that Ivermectin has a powerful role to play in the treatment of Covid…

And he co-authored this Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

But the mainstream media are still painting him and his colleagues as ‘fringe’ and ‘anti-vaxx’…

Here’s a recent podcast with him where Dr Paul Saladino talks about all of this in depth…

But not on YouTube of course because they won’t allow conversations that threaten the narrative.

See you soon!

Tim Fitzgerald

Light Warrior | DYOR ASAP | Stand For Something or You’ll Fall for Anything


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