Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna Review


 What if you could turbo-boost your immune system, get pain relief, and a natural detox all at the flick of a switch? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well now you can with the Therasage portable infrared sauna. Harnessing the power of health-giving infrared light, this go-anywhere sauna lets you build up a sweat to help rid your body of harmful toxins, and kickstart several natural body processes that contribute significantly to your health and well-being. It’s exactly like having a health spa in your own home. Only one that you can fold up and easily store in your closet when you’re done.

This review will guide you through everything you need to know about this Therasage portable sauna, and why you need to get one for you and your family to improve your overall health and well-being.

The key features

Here are the top eight features:

●      Uses full-spectrum infrared – What this means is the Therasage uses near, middle and far infrared, giving you all of the health-optimizing properties of infrared light.

●      Heats you, not the room – The invisible sun-like light frequencies work directly on the body without significantly heating the surrounding air. Therefore, an infrared sauna feels way less hot than a traditional sauna, which some people find too uncomfortable. About 80% of the energy output is used to heat the body. The remaining 20% heats the air around you.

●      No electromagnetic radiation – Unlike some other saunas, this portable infrared sauna emits no harmful electromagnetic radiation. Certain types of electromagnetic radiation cause damage to body tissue. Infrared is a non-ionizing type of radiation and is harmless.  In fact it’s quite benefitial!

●      Negative ion therapy – This infrared sauna gives the air inside a negative charge to make you feel amazing and refreshed. Negative ions are what you get when you stand beside a waterfall or when you are in the shower. That’s why you always feel invigorated afterward.

●      Easy-to-use controls – The controls are simple and straightforward to adjust the time and temperature and includes a digital timer. All the functions are managed via an intuitive, user-friendly control panel. So there’s no need for a degree from MIT to get started with this portable sauna.

●      Long power cord – Yet another nice touch you will appreciate is the extra-long power cable. You won’t need to buy an extension cord to set up this sauna in the right spot. It’s features like these that show the manufacturer has put considerable thought into the design and eliminated a potential issue for the customer. Who wants to move a dining table every time they want a sauna?

●      Compact – You won’t need a lot of storage space as the Therasage portable sauna folds up relatively small. You only require a space that’s about seven inches wide, 42 inches in length, and 33 inches deep. The storage footprint, therefore, is relatively modest for even the smallest of homes.  When it’s all the way open, it only takes up about 3.5 square feet.

●      Portability – Due to its dimensions and weight, this Therasage infrared sauna is very portable. It will easily fit inside a car’s trunk, or in the back seat. It’s easy to take wherever you want to go.

The Pros

Infrared portable saunas like the Therasage have well-established health benefits to improve you and your family’s overall well-being. It’s also super-convenient to have your own portable infrared sauna on hand without the expense, extra space, or electrical modification that most larger infrared saunas require.

When it’s not in use, the portable sauna can be easily stowed away in a closet until you need it next. As it is genuinely portable when folded up, you can take your Therasage everywhere you go, be it a friend’s house or a weekend away. The only limitation is ensuring you have access to a power outlet.

So what are these health benefits then?

A full spectrum infrared sauna like the Therasage emits the healthiest rays of the sun right in your own home. It has been widely proven that the use of infrared saunas can help treat an array of chronic health conditions. According to the respected Mayo Clinic, these include high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, type-2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

One big appeal of infrared saunas is that they produce in the body the same effects as moderate exercise. This includes such responses as sweating heavily, improved circulation, and bumping up your heart rate. And who can’t do without a little more exercise?

The makers of the Therasage infrared sauna say their product brings an array of benefits, including:

●      Detox

●      Decrease inflammation

●      Increase circulation

●      Burn calories

●      Sleep better

●      Improved metabolic rate

●      Weight loss

●      Immune system enhancement

●      Relief of short-term and chronic pain

●      Stress reduction

●      Reduced oxidative stress

●      Mitochondria support and enhanced energy

Arguably, the benefit that has the broadest appeal is the detoxification of the body due to the deep sweating, kickstarted by the infrared rays. The infrared rays from the sauna are able to penetrate varying depths based on the wavelength, which allows for the release of stored toxins and heavy metals in the body.  Many naturopathic doctors will recommend the use of an infrared sauna as part of a holistic detox protocol.

The Cons

There is hardly anything that marks down the Therasage in my book. The chair is adequate but could be a little comfier for longer sauna sessions. I’ve purchased both their first version of this sauna, as well as version 2.0 that has the light panels inside.  The version 1.0 chair wasn’t very comfortable at all.  This new bamboo chair is much better, but I did notice it digging in a bit.  An easy fix for this was using a couple towels on the chair for cushion.

I’m also not a huge fan of the new floor pad heater.  It got way to hot and uncomfortable for me.  They suggested putting a towel over it.  I just ended up unplugging and removing it. 

How does it compare to other portable infrared saunas?

When I first got into infrared saunas, I picked up a relatively cheap one on Amazon for around $300.  It looked very similar to the Therasage infrared sauna.  What you don’t see, that I discovered with my EMF nerd meter, was that these cheap generic portable infrared saunas put off a high level of EMF so therefore it was kind of like sitting in a large microwave.  Thersage has gone through a lot of R&D to negate the nnEMF exposure that you would otherwise get.

To me this is the biggest issue out there.  There are many harmful side effects to nnEMF exposure, and you don’t want to increase your stress burden when you’re doing something that’s supposed to help you heal.  It’s like reversing all the benefits you’re getting.  1 step forward and 2 steps back. 

Don’t waste your money.  Wait, save up and get the Therasage portable infrared sauna.  You can thank me later.  I’ll even hook you up with a 10% off coupon below.

The second biggest difference is that on their new version 2.0, it has the option to come with red and infrared light panels on the inside!  This is a game changer in my mind, because now you’re getting even more benefits from the red light therapy as well.  Those benefits are a post unto itself so I’ll just say that they are a lot of the same benefits so it’s very synergistic. 

The Final verdict

There’s a ton to love here! The Therasage portable infrared sauna is compact to store, easy to use, and super-convenient whenever and wherever you fancy a sauna.  There are many  health benefits for the whole family, not just grandma. Everyone can get their health improved in one way or another.

Being compact, you don’t need a whole lot of storage space to accommodate it when the sauna is not in use. So even if you live in a tiny apartment, the storage requirements should not be a burden. Given the health and well-being benefits, finding a corner for this infrared is a minor concern in the scheme of things.

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I hope this Therasage portable infrared sauna review was helpful for you.  Have a fantastic day!